Aligning North Carolina’s investors and service providers to strengthen communities’ access to food and housing

Designed in partnership with government, healthcare, community, and nonprofit entities, the Investment Map is intended to help public agencies, private corporations, and philanthropic funders coordinate their healthy food and affordable housing financial investments to create the best possible outcomes for North Carolina.

While the Investment Map is designed to help align funders, it is essential it also engages and strengthens local businesses and nonprofit service providers communities entrust for critical food and housing services—and jobs. Creating a healthier North Carolina relies on the economic engagement and empowerment of historically BIPOC and lower-income communities to enable themselves to be, and stay healthy.

Public Agencies

Governmental organizations with voter mandates to support and strengthen communities.


Private entities with vested interest in the public good.

Philanthropic Funders

Institutions with specific purposes driven to invest in and uplift communities.

Local service providers

Businesses and organizations with deep cultural knowledge & experience serving their neighborhoods.